Leukomed is a sterile dressing ideal for post-op care. For short-term use on minor to medium-sized wounds. It is absorbent yet also air-permeable and kind to the skin.

  • Absorbent
  • Doesn’t stick to the wound
  • Radiotransparent

Product benefits

Droplet-shaped outline, its lower half darkened to represent fluid management.


The wound pad has good absorption capacity and can manage low to moderate exudate levels.
A dressing with an arching wound pad to indicate that it will not stick to the wound.

Doesn’t stick to the wound

The wound pad has been designed not to stick to the wound, preventing further damage.
An X-ray image.


Well suited for use in medical settings, since there’s no need to remove for X-rays.
Plaster strips with rounded edges.

Rounded edges

Designed with rounded, adhesive edges, dressings do not roll up and stay in place just where it is needed.

Product specifications

Leukomed® 7238001 3 in x 4 in 50 white Sterile
Leukomed® 7238002 3 in x 6 in 50 white Sterile
Leukomed® 7238003 4 in x 8 in 50 white
Leukomed® 7238004 4 in x 10 in 50 white Sterile
Leukomed® 7238005 4 in x 12 in 50 white
Leukomed® 7238006 4 in x 14 in 50 white

Information for use

Please make sure to always follow the instructions for use, including the safety information provided with the product. Not at hand? Find the needed safety information in this database!

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